Honda Hits The 100 Million Production Milestone

December 28, 2016 0

As 2016 comes to a close, Honda ramped up celebrations to commemorate the production of its 100,000,000th (that’s 100 millionth) automobile 53 years after its first production vehicle, the T360 mini-truck (top of page), rolled down the production line. Honda S600 In its first year (1963) Honda also … read more

Honda declares victory in U.S. retail sales

December 22, 2016 0

With more than a week still to go in December, Honda announced Wednesday that it expects several of its models to be the top retail sellers in their respective segments.
While Toyota‘s Camry and combined Corolla models (now including the iM) may be #1 and #2 overall in total combined retail and fleet … read more

All-New 2017 Honda CR-V Gets A 190HP Turbo Engine

October 13, 2016 0

Honda whipped the covers off its all-important, fifth-generation CR-V that comes with an evolutionary redesign, slightly increased dimensions for improved space, added features and a new 1.5-liter turbocharged engine.
As Honda’s second-best selling vehicle in the United States with nearly 4 million … read more

First drive: 2017 Nissan Rogue [Review]

October 4, 2016 0

Would you believe that the Nissan Rogue is nearly a decade old? The first generation was introduced in 2007 as a 2008. The current Rogue dates to 2013 (2014 MY) and the 2017 model represents the crossover’s first significant update since that clean-sheet redesign. The 2017 Rogue is Nissan’s latest rollout … read more

First drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack [Review]

September 21, 2016 0

Americans love utility vehicles, which is a bit of the problem for Volkswagen. While most full-line automakers have several SUVs to choose from, VW has just two; the ancient Tiguan and the expensive Touareg.
New SUVs are on the way for VW — including an all-new Tiguan and a yet-to-be-named three-row … read more

Top 10 Most Dramatic Car Redesigns

August 16, 2016 0

Some automakers truly revolutionize their designs when it comes to building a successor. There’s always one car enthusiast making a joke about how the Porsche 911 has looked the same for decades, but there’s good reason for that. Modern classics like the Porsche 911 have never needed to be revolutionized … read more

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