Quick Spin: 2016 Honda Accord Sport

July 14, 2016 0

Honda‘s relationship with the enthusiast buyer has been a tumultuous one over the past two decades. The company that once sold the S2000, Civic Si, RSX and NSX simultaneously now offers only half as many choices for American-market car buffs. Until just recently, it was only one. Many saw this downturn … read more

6 Concept Cars That Could Soon Become a Reality

July 10, 2016 0

Concept cars have a double-edged effect. These pieces of rolling artwork display the stunning technologies and designs that could be possible in tomorrow’s production cars, yet also leave the public wanting if they never come to fruition. More often that not for the spiciest of concepts, the latter … read more

Honda S2000 Rumored for 2018 Return

May 20, 2016 0

Honda might be planning something big for its 70th anniversary: the return of the S2000
“A large complement of R&D staff from Japan are already in Ohio working on the car,” an unnamed source told Car and Driver. “They have more time now that the NSX is finished.”
Launching the new S2000 … read more

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