This is the brand new Honda Civic

September 17, 2016 0

Here’s the all-new Honda Civic hatch. Really all-new. Fairly striking, eh? Well you’ve got a while to get used to it. Petrol versions don’t go on sale until next spring, and the diesel is nearly the end of 2017. Yup, Honda is once again indulging its habit of tantalising us with vapourware.
The … read more

Hyundai: Santa Cruz pickup “almost ready”

August 25, 2016 0

Hyundai has confirmed that it’s moving forward with the development of a mid-size pickup truck.
“We have made the decision, we have not made the announcement,” revealed Dave Zuchowski, the president and CEO of Hyundai Motor America, in an interview with Motor Trend.
The truck was previewed by the Santa … read more

2016 Honda “Sonic the Hedgehog” Civic

July 23, 2016 0

Comic-Con has kicked off for 2016 and, needless to say, things there are pretty wild. This year just happens to mark the 25th anniversary of Sega’s legendary blue hedgehog, Sonic, and the game that has always been a flagship for Sega. And, believe it or not, it’s all about the fast-footed hedgehog … read more

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