Honda Sets Target To Roll Out 1 MIllion Green Vehicles By 2030

October 24, 2016 0

With the future of the auto industry currently in a state of flux, various automakers are piecing together specific plans to become a major player in the future. Whether it’s cornering electrification or diving deep into autonomous driving vehicles, each company has its own long-term plan ready to … read more

The Civic Type R Will be the Ultimate Tuner Project

September 30, 2016 0

The new Civic Type R Concept has made its debut in near-production form, and it’s damn near breaking the internet with everyone from around the globe dying to learn all about it. And, rightfully so, everyone should be pretty excited. I mean, just look at it. That aggressive aerodynamic styling, the … read more

Honda confirms CR-Z retirement

July 2, 2016 0

Honda has reportedly confirmed plans to discontinue the CR-Z, which has struggled to gain traction in a market that favors small crossovers over tiny coupes.
The CR-Z will not carry through past the 2016 model year, according to a Motor Trend report.
The model arrived on the market as a sporty spiritual … read more

Acura Precision Concept: Acura-te Predictor or Showy Chicanery?

January 19, 2016 0

It happens at every major auto show: Carmakers unveil sexy show cars destined to get watered down for production, or that have little relevance to any future production cars. Our friends at Acura have a history of building concepts that go nowhere—remember the terrifying Advanced Sedan concept from … read more

2016 Honda Civic sedan first drive

October 20, 2015 0

The epic civic for the world What is it?
This is the Honda that might ruin long-term fans appreciation of the mark, but will surely inspire new fans. Honda has finally stepped into the turbocharger ring, and we doubt they’ll ever go back to the world of natural aspiration.
Honda took a broader approach … read more

2016 Honda Project 2&4

September 11, 2015 0

With the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show right around the corner, Honda has introduced the Project 2&4, the motorcycle-powered car it announced earlier this year .
Built to celebrate Honda’s position as “the world’s leading engine manufacturer, providing engines to 28 million people per year across … read more

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