You meet the nicest people on a Honda

From basic bike to ‘The Future of Biking’

Soon after World War II, Soichiro Honda adapted small engines to fit onto the front wheel of bicycles as alternative transportation to pedaling. He received so many orders, that soon he could not buy enough engines to supply the demand of potential customers. Therefore, he soon designed and produced his own small motorbike, the Honda Cub, followed by the Super Cub; People always want something bigger, faster.

Honda saw potential in North America, and the headline=slogan opened the market for a company not many people had heard of before.

Quality came before quantity, and the rest is history.

Cars followed in the 1960s, giving this writer the opportunity to sell the first two Honda cars in Canada, the S-800 two-seat sportscar with chain-drive and a bike-like engine revving to 9000 RPM.

Larger cars followed, the motorbike and scooter range expanded, outboard engines, lawn mowers, generators and pumps were added to the growing range of products, making Honda the world’s largest producer of internal combustion engines.

Recently, Honda celebrated the enviable milestone of having produced three-hundred million motorbikes and scooters. The various Cub models alone acounted for 60 million between 1958 and 2008. By 2015, 300-million two-wheelers had been built; that celebratory number happened to be the large Gold Wing cruising bike.

Always trying to make bikes/scooters safer and more comfortable as alternative transportation, Honda made the Elysium concept scooter with a retractable roof and automatic transmission. Who knows….

Producing a ‘cross-over’ between bike and scooter, the new Honda NM4 is dubbed ‘the future of biking’. Imagine the “scoobike” in the top photo to be colored, and it could look like a piece of art; That would not be the first time a Honda has graced a gallery or museum, though.

Now that early slogan needs to change just one word; After the many cars and now a jet-engine aircraft, it should be: You meet the nicest people in a Honda.

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