Who Would Have Guessed; Transformers Make Honda’s New 2017 Civic Hatch…

Although the new Honda Civic hatchback is essentially identical to the sedan but with a modified roofline and rear-end, the Japanese brand has decided to market it as a thoroughly overhauled model.

In a new commercial for the Civic hatch, dubbed ‘Made Mean’, Honda shows that unlike the sedan which is constructed in a pristine factory with bright yellow robots, the hatch comes to life in a secret, underground production facility by advanced transformer-like machines.

The clip shows the robots installing and painting the model’s parts with all the same pizzazz that the Civic hatch itself apparently possess.

Although entirely computer generated, it is certainly an interesting way of promoting the hatch and differentiating it from its bigger brother.

In reality, the 2017 Honda Civic hatch is produced at the firm’s plant in the UK while the Civic sedan is built in Turkey.


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