What Will The Honda BR-V be Priced At? Here’s What You Think

Honda is all set to bring in its first SUV into India and yes as you know it’s the BR-V. Now, we’ve driven the prototype of the car before and are quite aware of how it will turn out. We’ve already told you if the car is the right one for India and we’ve tried to weigh other options from Honda as well.

Honda recently launched the facelift of the Amaze and we saw the car get some fresh interiors, but beside that there weren’t any mechanical changes to the car. With the BR-V, though Honda is targeting a whole new segment that Honda has never entered in India and with the competition already on the rise in the compact SUV segment, the BR-V will have to deal with rivals like the Hyundai Creta, Renault Duster and even to an extent the Toyota Innova.

As is said in many a Indian websites and magazines, it will all come down to how Honda prices the BR-V and though we know what to expect instead of giving our opinion we asked for yours. We posed this question on Twitter and there were some interesting responses we got, some, from which Honda could take a cue or two. There were a few like Midhun Menon, who was among the eager one of the lot. He’d said that he’d already listed his old car for sale in anticipation of the BR-V CVT, and he hopes that the price of the car will start at around 9 lakh and go right upto 14 lakh.

Honda BR-V Front

While most of the tweets reiterated this figure, there were those like Ahsan Kharbai who gave a clear answer and the prices in fact looked like the ones put out at a press conference. He tweeted saying that the petrol would be priced between 7.99 to 11.59 lakh while the diesel would cost around 8.49 to 12.60 lakh.

The average price range then was 8 to 15 lakh, but there were some like Digvijay Shinde who said that the petrol could be priced at 6.50 -8.50 lakh and the diesel should start at 7.50 lakh. Though such pricing might genuinely stir up the market, the price range might not be feasible for Honda. Considering that cars like the TUV300 and even the NuvoSport are somewhere around the same bracket, the Honda BR-V will take aim at the likes of the Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and even the XUV500.

Honda BR-V Rear

If general consensus is taken into consideration by Honda, the BR-V should start somewhere around the 8.50 lakh and top out at 14.5 lakh. Now that we’ve given them a ball park figure, it’ll be upto the folks at Honda to decide to take their advice or not. We’ll know about the prices only on May 5 as the company will launch the car then. So, stay tuned!

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