What people are saying about Honda’s 2016 Civic

Honda Motor Co. says the 2016 Civic underwent “the most radical redesign” since the model line was introduced in 1973. Through the years, in addition to the standard Civic sedan and coupe, there have been del Sol, three-door hatchback, wagon and CR-X versions. The Civic’s predecessor, the CVCC, went on sale in 1971. The 2016 lineup, built on an all-new, lighter but stiffer platform, will spawn a five-door hatchback, Si and Type R variants. But it all kicks off when the sedan goes on sale this fall. A look at what journalists, analysts and others are saying about the retooled Civic sedan:

“Every generation of the car rested on the assumption that buyers were blindly loyal and that every competitor was asleep like they were in the ‘80s. This car will be far more dynamic and sporty than past Civics.”

— Eric Noble, president of CarLab, a consulting firm in Orange, Calif.

“Those faithful to manual transmission can rest easy: a six-speed is still offered. Most buyers, however, will opt for the continuously variable transmission, or CVT, a version of which underwhelmed us in the new Honda HR-V … The bane of Honda’s existence over the years has been high levels of interior noise, which, Honda says, will be much better with this new model. In an effort to quell the din, the 2016 Honda Civic uses new body-sealing techniques, a flush-mounted acoustic glass windshield, a more tightly sealed engine compartment, and triple-sealed doors … There was a time when Civics ruled our ratings, but the last several years have seen the once-mighty Honda play second fiddle to the Mazda3, Ford Focus, Subaru Impreza, and Hyundai Elantra. Will the new 2016 Honda Civic

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