Watch This 1500 HP Honda S2000 Record An Incredible Time At The Quarter Mile

This isn’t a Honda with race inspired cosmetic enhancements, but a fully, blown-out-of-proportions, genuine dragster. VTEC just kicked in, yo!

A Honda S2K isn’t the kind of car you see drag racing, which makes this particular example unique. Even more so as it crosses the quarter mile in 7.1 seconds at 192.92mph.

Yes, this beast does the quarter mile in roughly the same time it takes you to read this sentence and reaches 310 Km/h in the process.

To make things even more impressive, it has a turbocharger running at 30 PSI of boost bolted on its factory 2.2-litre F22C motor. As a result, it produces 1330 hp at 30 PSI of boost, and over 1500 hp with the setup shown in the video. So, yeah, the driver probably feels this VTEC roundhouse-kicking in.

Combine that ludicrous amount of power with a lightened chassis, body and frame, and you it may very well be the Honda of all Hondas. You don’t see a 4-banger dropping times in the low 7’s on the strip every day, and to give you an idea of how capable the automobile really is, we’ll just say it’s faster than a GT-R Alpha Omega – and that’s quite a feat.


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