Watch The Acura NSX Tackle The Nürburgring Despite New Speed Limits

Acura NSX

The people at Nürburgring have seen fit to institute speed restrictions that essentially kill a manufacturer’s dreams of setting record-breaking lap times. This means that cars like the Acura NSX missed their chance, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t still testing at Nürburgring anyway.

The rules might be frustrating, but they come with good reason. Earlier this year, a Nissan GT-R crashed during a race, killing a spectator. A speed limit seemed a reasonable solution if it meant keeping people alive. But thanks to this latest video, we see that the NSX is still at the Ring…and it’s driving hard.

Acura NSX 1

This video shows the twin-turbo V6 with its chin spoiler hitting the pavement, bringing to mind a problem encountered in early testing. One NSX prototype caught fire and set things back considerably, but now they are definitely back on track.

The Acura NSX made its debut at this year’s Detroit Auto Show and will soon be in production. The final powertrain output is likely to be somewhere around 550 horsepower. That impressive number is matched by an equally impressive price of around $150,000. It’s expensive, but still possible even if you’re not an oil baron.

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