Watch How All Four F1 Engines Stack Up Against Each Other

If you thought that the Mercedes power unit was light years away of the competition, this video might just give you hope for the future.

Actually, we’re all hoping that Mercedes aren’t going to go the full length of the season completely unchallenged.

But this isn’t about teams, it’s about power units. Specifically, Mercedes vs. Ferrari vs. Renault vs. Honda. Who’s your money on?

We’re pretty sure nobody is thinking that Ferrari or Renault (least of all Honda) are going to win a straight line speed test against Mercedes, but just take a look at the video and see how close everyone is.

The Ferrari was right on the Merc’s tail for the entire straight, but that also means that if Rosberg or Hamilton were the ones chasing down one of the Ferraris, they would slowly catch up before each corner.

On the other hand, that Ferrari and even the Red Bull are both in the DRS zone, which means overtaking the Mercedes would be possible under the right circumstances.

As for the Honda power unit, well it’s not looking good, but we already knew that. Plus, they took those images back in China and that McLaren was definitely slower in a straight line than the one they just brought to Spain.


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