Watch Casey Stoner’s Horrific Crash At Suzuka

This is a regular reminder that racing anything with an engine is extremely dangerous.

Sometimes, being a successful racing driver, or a motorcycle racer requires one part luck and one part skill. Even though the majority of these athletes are professional, skilled aces, there’s always a chance that everything aligns perfectly to… go wrong.

Case in point, Casey Stoner. Two times Moto GP Champion, this talented rider retired back in 2012 from racing bikes. Still, the God of Speed called him back to the racetrack and, after a three year hiatus, he decided to race again at the Suzuka 8-hour event.

However, the race ended quicker than expected for the 29-year-old Australian, when the accelerator of his Honda CBR1000RR got stuck and drove him on the grass. Needless to say, the crash that followed was brutal beyond believe, and Casey suffered quite a blow.

Fortunately he got away only with a broken scapula and a fractured tibia, which may sound bad, but are not life-threatening injuries. In fact, the the motorcycle racer is expected to make a full recovery and he even posted a tweet of himself smiling at the hospital, after being treated for his injuries.

The Australian had this to add in a statement made by the Honda Racing Corporation:

Unfortunately, we experienced some mechanical trouble as I was going through the corner leading up to the hairpin. I did not have enough time to engage the clutch and I came in with too much speed, I picked the bike up to try to slow down more but I was heading towards the wall so I decided to lay it over and hit the barrier but unfortunately, they were a lot harder than they looked and we came out of it with a broken bone in the ankle and broken scapula.


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