[Videos] LA Auto Show future of driving predicted by Acura Precision Cockpit

[Videos] LA Auto Show future of driving predicted by Acura Precision Cockpit image

The Japanese automaker is looking towards the future of driving with the new Acura Precision Cockpit concept, and the company also went one step further into bringing autonomous cars to the market with a bespoke RLX.

Acura has decided the Los Angeles Auto Show – known for its eclectic views about the future of mobility – was the perfect venue to take the wraps off its Acura Precision Cockpit concept, a teaser for the upcoming interiors of the brand. Inspired by the NSX, the new cabin concept focuses on the technologies coming to the company’s models in the near future. The main highlight of the high-tech demonstrator is the screen that showcases Acura’s upcoming Android-based operating system. The system has two dedicated zones so the user can select between viewing audio and weather info while keeping things such as the navigation app instantly visible.

Acura says the control of the infotainment system is easier thanks to the use of the separate touchpad with Absolute Positioning, which is supposed to combine the accuracy of a touchscreen and the packaging advantages of a remote-based interface. Just touch the pad and the input will be directly translated on the screen, there are also shortcuts and moving across the outer edges enables seamless scrolling. The company also gets into digital instrument panels and the Precision Cockpit gets a 12.3-inch display – Acura says the recision Cockpit is a near-production prototype, but the advanced technology still needs some maturation time. What can be had already is the Traffic Jam Assist to its AcuraWatch driver safety suite which should become standard across the entire model roster in the near future.

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