[Video] Welcome into the square world of the Honda Civic Coupe

[Video] Welcome into the square world of the Honda Civic Coupe image

In the US, the Honda Civic needs no introduction, since we’re talking about a class top seller. The new generation is going to promote the sporty coupe even harder now, as we can see from the quirky marketing campaign.

The Civic Coupe is looking way more appealing now than before, making it easier for owners to understand the practicality compromises they need to live with. So, of course, the multiplatform campaign recently launched on TV, print and digital medias has a focus on the vehicle’s all new design. We also noticed the 30-second spot called “Square” that takes the world into a parallel reality where everything we know is square. For example, skaters can’t do their thing because of the edged wheels and the same will apply for cars. While humans are square too, this might go down in history as that quirky ad with a “square dog”.

“Our new campaign visually represents how the Civic Coupe is breaking the rules of conformity,” claims Susie Rossick, Assistant Vice President of Marketing at American Honda. Somehow, we really think they would have the biggest impact on viewers if they somehow manage to bring to life a toy line with the sad square French Poodle transforming back into a happy, normal one. You know, something in the lines of the Japanese firms that reworked the watermelons to become rectangular in order to better fit our fridges. By the way, there’s also a new idea from Honda – #CivicDreamTrack – set to debut in June, which should be a crowd sourced stunt track for the model.

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