[Video] Honda has a Police-avoiding tutorial for the Type R drivers

[Video] Honda has a Police-avoiding tutorial for the Type R drivers image

We’re giving it to Honda – it’s an original commercial. That said, we’re not really condoning such behavior – not only the driver broke the law, but his wife/girlfriend is also lying to the law enforcement officer.

Anyways, we’re pretty sure the police officers will take not of this commercial and when they see a Honda Civic Type R breaking the speed rules – with the woman inside screaming she’s pregnant, they’ll do the right thing and escort them to the hospital. That way, if the thing turns out to have been a prank they can enforce the law – or if that was the real thing they will have done a great service to the family. On to the issues presented at hand. The Civic Type R is most likely among the top five greatest hot hatches out there today – thanks to the 310 horsepower powertrain and the Nurburgring lap of just 7 minutes and 50 seconds.

But in the real world you can’t harness all that prowess without quickly breaking the law – you know, potholes, idiot drivers and other annoyances. This Israeli commercial shows the driving needs to be planned – have the female passenger deploy a fake pregnancy bump, and if you get stopped by the police have her do the act of going into labor. It appears the rules about what should or not appear in commercials in Israel are a bit different from the rest of the world…

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