[Video] Evo reviews the 2017 Honda NSX, calling it not too exciting

[Video] Evo reviews the 2017 Honda NSX, calling it not too exciting image

The new generation NSX supercar is now also available throughout Europe as a Honda model. Since we’re talking about the home continent of McLaren, Ferrari or Lamborghini, everyone can imagine it will have a handful convincing supercar fans to buy it.

The NSX has a troubled history, being very long in the making – while many people would simply imagine it was postponed for various reasons, we can tell you the issues run deeper as the concepts have changed over time. And the powertrain requirements were also shuffled around quite a bit – from horizontal V10 down to hybrid V6 with torque vectoring and the addition of twin turbocharging at the last moment to allow the model to successfully compete in the Ferrari 458 Italia league. That was messy – having to modify the air intakes at the last moment completely changed the aerodynamic approach as well.

The Evo video comes from a track in Spain where the driving impression don’t seem to spectacular – since we’re being left without any sideways action we usually take for granted in a supercar. The Japanese hybrid meanwhile seems to harness points in terms of daily driving use – which is odd to say the least. The hybrid arrangement works in a more classical manner – most of the power comes from the twinturbo V6 and the electric motor kicks in to supplement power gaps, allowing it to perform like a supercharged model. Missing are the sound thrills that usually accompany a $200,000 ride or high tech gizmos like the launch control function found on a $50,000 GLA 45 AMG.

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