[Video] Back to the past – we revisit 1995 for Acura NSX-R vs. Ferrari F355 battle

[Video] Back to the past – we revisit 1995 for Acura NSX-R vs. Ferrari F355 battle image

What we have here are two of the best sports cars of the era, clinched in a drag race battle across time that aims to see which one has the supremacy – more than two decades later.

Honda and its luxury brand Acura developed the NSX as their Japanese-style answer to the plethora of European supercars of the time – and they managed to surprise everyone with how good the sports car really was back when it was first introduced in 1990. Half a decade later, the rivals already picked up the gauntlet – Ferrari brought to life the new 355 as a successor to the 348. So, Honda responded with the hotter NSX-R. Now a Japan media outlet has decided to rekindle the rivalry in a 1,000-meter (0.62-mile) drag race.

We’re not really going to spoil the fun here and let you in on the winner ahead of time. But this is truly a fascinating race – we can tell you that at 400 meters (about a quarter mile) their are neck in neck with just about three hundredths of a second separating them. We do concede you’ll see a clear winner by the time the race takes its course. The race will start a little later into the clip – about a minute – but before all the action takes place you’ll have the opportunity to take a good look at the NSX-R. Great battle for the ages.

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