[Video] Acura NSX Originals features each and every customer

[Video] Acura NSX Originals features each and every customer image

The Acura NSX is of course one of the most anticipated supercars, especially for fans of the previous installments – and the company decided each owner should get a bespoke experience.

For this new ownership experience, Acura has decided that each NSX owner should get a customer video that depicts the car’s exact specifications. The brand decided to call this NSX Originals, and the company is previewing the series by introducing the one made for the third supercar off the assembly line, which is going to fit in the garage of well-known motorhead Jay Leno. If by any chance you don’t know who the denim-clad comedian is – meaning you’re an extraterrestrial from a very distant galaxy – you can still check the the videos for all the supercars who reached their intended customers by now.

Each 30-second film gets a slightly altered mix of clips that showcase the supercar’s production process at the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio. Each video also depicts the exact NSX production number and concludes with the vehicle’s specific mix of options. Acura is also treating early adopters to a 1:18 scale model that shows the exact specs of their supercar, including the exterior and interior color. The NSX has started deliveries in the United States, Europe and Australia, but at home in Japan the sales are only kicking off late February next year.

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