UK-Based Amateur Car Olympics Conclude With Coasting Ability Test

Once you’ve gone as far as to test which car is fastest in a reverse drag race, seeing who’s the champ when simply kicked into neutral isn’t that far fetched anymore.

With that in mind, after their unconventional drag race performed in reverse by models such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, BMW M2, Caterham 620S and the Civic Type, Carwow went into some drift gymnastics, an exhaust battle (sort of) and a very different take on the javelin throw.

We’ll let you watch all the videos in the playlist below, but as far as how it all ended, well, it was with a “long jump” event where the team tried to see which model could go the furthest while in neutral after a short burst of acceleration.

In order to do well during this type of “test”, a car needs to get good traction off the line. You could also say that it’s a test of rolling resistance (as they point out), though in the end it’s weight that really influences how far a vehicle can go once you put it into neutral after accelerating for a few meters.

The Olympic-style events do end with an overall winner, which is ultimately revealed after the “Long Jump” is over.


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