Tra-Kyoto Has A Proposition For Honda’s Cult Classic Civic EG

The Civic EG has become a cult classic in the tuner world, and Tra Kyoto’s body-kit offering for the hatchback keeps the “legend” alive.

Thanks to a leightweight construction and frisky VTEC engines with near limitless upgrade-ability, the front-wheel-drive Honda compact has become one of the most tuned vehicles in the world, taking head-on almost any challenge thrown at it.

So, next time you see a little EG3 Civic having a go on the track, don’t act surprised, because its balance of speed, reliability and great chassis make it a full-on “circuit weapon”.

And this Pandem Civic looks like the type of automobile that can hold its own on the track, against bigger game, although it was probably made to collect “respect points” on the streets as well.

Garnished by Kei Miura’s style, the Civic proudly sports a revised race-inspired wide-body kit, with massive bolt-on overfenders, a rear spoiler and everything in between. The uprated front bumper has (presumably) a carbon fiber lip and accessory flaps made to cut the air as it goes, while at the back, a couple of subtle studded extensions make the bumper appear larger.

There’s no word about what’s going on under the hood, but judging by the serious roll-cage inside the cabin, the Civic’s power output undoubtedly has gone beyond its stock figures.

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