Toyota Remains Most Valuable Automotive Brand

Quality, reliability, fuel efficiency: These are three terms that can be used to describe Toyota, which has a long history of building top-notch vehicles.

Thanks to this track record, the Japanese automaker has retained its title as the most valuable car brand in 2015. This assertion comes from BrandZ, an equity database that keeps track of the performance of more than 60,000 brands in some 200 different categories.

The Big T’s No. 1 finish is all the more impressive because of the Takata airbag-recall debacle that dented its overall worth. Their value fell 2 percent this year to just shy of $29 billion, though that’s still a heady figure to be certain.

Following closely in Toyota’s tire tracks is BMW, another storied brand, though one with a reputation for sport and luxury, not necessarily quality and sensibility. Their overall value grew by 2 percent to $26.4 billion. Mercedes-Benz came in third place and is valued at just shy of $22 billion.

Like Toyota, Honda’s value also dropped, a side effect of the airbag-recall hangover. It finished in fourth place with a value of more than $13 billion.

Here’s a list of the 10 most valuable automotive marques with their scores listed in billions of dollars.

1. Toyota — $28.9

2. BMW — $26.4

3. Mercedes-Benz — $21.8

4. Honda — $13.3

5. Ford — $13.1

6. Nissan — $11.4

7. Audi — $10.1

8. Volkswagen — $9.3

9. Land Rover — $5.0

10. Lexus — $4.3

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