Toyota extends earthquake shutdowns at Japan factories

Toyota extends earthquake shutdowns at Japan factories

Toyota has further detailed production interruptions at its Japan factories, potentially idling the plants until April 23 or later due to earthquakes.

Several tremors shook Japan’s Kyushu island Thursday night and Saturday morning, with respective peak magnitudes of 6.2 and 7.0. Damage has also been reported from dozens of less powerful aftershocks.

The quakes have affected operations at Toyota, Honda and other automotive manufacturers. Many of Toyota’s factories were not directly damaged, however the automaker is expecting parts shortages as certain suppliers work to restore production and logistics.

“Although we are still trying to assess the exact impact on our operations, we are aware of issues at suppliers and production facilities, as well as dealerships,” said Toyota president Akio Toyoda. “Toyota team members are already working side-by-side with local residents to support the ongoing relief and recovery efforts.”

Shifts at more than a dozen Toyota Group facilities are scheduled to be idled starting later this week, with production only recommencing when parts supplies are restored.

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