Top 10 Selling Two Wheelers in 2015-16

While the automobile industry might not be functioning at its best, the two wheeler industry within has at least shown sustained growth, not what we would call growing by leaps and bounds. The usual suspects such as the Hero Splendor, Honda Activa, and Hero HF Deluxe all featured in the list in FY2015 and this year as well.

Top 10 highest selling two wheelers in India

For the longest time, the Splendor has been the largest selling motorcycle in the world. It still continues to be so. But, the Honda Activa has been breathing down its neck all throughout this year. A keen eye will figure out that there was a difference of a mere 20,000 units in the total sales figures of the Splendor and the Activa for FY 2016. That number doesn’t fully tell the story though. If one looks at the statistics of the year 2014-15, one can see that the Splendor sold 2,517,189 units compared to 2,486,065 units in 2015-16. That is a drop of 1.2 per cent.

On the other hand, Honda sold 2,178,224 units of the Activa in 2014-15 and 2,466,350 units in 2015-16. Now that is a growth of over 13 per cent in 12 months. This suggests that the Hero Splendor is fast losing ground to the Activa in terms of units sold.

Another interesting story is that the top 6 highest selling two-wheelers have the same models with just a few inter changes. Hero Passion was the third highest selling two wheeler in the country in 2014-15, followed by the Hero HF Deluxe. This financial year, the two have swapped positions with the HF Deluxe at third followed by the Passion at fourth. The Honda CB Shine and TVS XL Super have maintained their positions at fifth and sixth respectively.

It is the bottom of this table where things get exciting with the Bajaj CT along with the TVS Jupiter making a grand entry in the list of top ten highest selling two-wheelers in the country, throwing out the Dream range of Honda’s commuter motorcycles and the Bajaj Discover.

The biggest gainer in terms of sales was the Hero Glamour, which sold astonishing 23 per cent more units in 2015-16 in comparison to the previous year.

In conclusion, Hero leads the pack with four of its models in the list of ten highest selling two wheelers, while Honda, Bajaj and TVS have two models each. We would not be surprised in the least if the Activa usurped the Splendor as the largest selling two wheeler in India in the next fiscal year.

(Source: ET Auto)

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