Tokyo LIVE: Honda’s hydrogen-powered Clarity FCV

Tokyo LIVE: Honda‘s hydrogen-powered Clarity FCV

Honda has unveiled a futuristic, fuel cell-powered sedan at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Called Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV), the sedan is billed as a follow-up to the FCX Clarity and it’s aimed directly at the recently-introduced 2016 Toyota Mirai. It was previewed by a concept that was presented nearly two years ago at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

The FCV’s silhouette carries over from the concept to the production model with very few changes, but the design has been toned down significantly. Up front, the FCV features elongated headlights and L-shaped daytime running lights that stretch well into the bumper, a styling cue also found on the Renault Talisman that bowed in Frankfurt last month. The rear portion of the car is characterized by a squared-off wheel arch, a trunk-mounted spoiler and tail lamps that stretch well into the quarter panel.

Inside, the FCV gets a simple and uncluttered dashboard with a digital instrument cluster and a large, tablet-like touch screen located right in the middle of the center console. Wood trim on the dashboard, on the center console, and on the door panels adds a dash of elegance to the overall look.

The FCV stands out from the Mirai because the components that make up its 175-horsepower hydrogen drivetrain were designed to fit in the space normally occupied by a V6 engine and an automatic transmission. Filling up the tanks takes approximately three minutes, and the sedan boasts a total driving range of 435 miles.

Honda will begin selling the FCV in Japan early next year and in Europe shortly after. At the time of writing, whether the sedan will be offered in the United States is up in the air.

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