This Is Honda’s New Project 2&4 Concept Powered By A MotoGP-Sourced V4

We imagine this is what you’d get if you crossed an Ariel Atom with a MotoGP motorcycle.

It’s called the Honda Project 2&4 and it’s the winning entry from the Japanese firm’s ‘Global Design Project’.

Scheduled for a world premiere at next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the Project 2&4 brings together Honda’s know-how in two- and four-wheel mobility, not only with the cabin-less structure that features a floating seat design for an immerse (some would call it insane) driving experience, but also through the use of the brand’s MotoGP RC213V motorcycle racing engine.

Modified to run on public roads, the mid-mounted 999 cc V-4 four-stroke unit has a 14,000 rpm redline, pumping out more than 215PS (212hp) at 13,000 rpm and over 118Nm (87 lb-ft) of peak torque at 10,500 rpm. It is connected to a six-speed DCT gearbox that drives the rear axle.

Before you say that’s not a lot of oomph from the V4, learn that the 3,040mm long, 1,820mm wide and 995mm tall single-seater tips the scales at just 405 kg or 893 pounds.

The body design, together with the placement of the engine, are said to have been inspired by Honda’s 1965 Formula One racing car, codenamed RA271.

Further details are to be released at the Frankfurt show.

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