This Honda Stop-Motion “Paper” Ad Will Blow Your Mind


Honda might not make the most exciting cars on the planet at the moment, but they have a history of passion for driving, racing, and generally building some of the best engines around. To remind folks of this passion, they have released an ad called, “Paper,” and it blew our collective minds.

The ad was created for Honda by stop-motion film house PES. It starts with an early Honda engine, and bicycle, which Honda built in its early days. It then morphs into a series of road, then racing, motorcycles, culminating with a poster celebrating Honda’s Isle of Man TT wins from 1961 to 1967. We’d be more than happy to have that poster on our wall.

It then showcases a late-model motorcycle, an outboard marine engine, and then the chronology of its road cars. Following a run-in with an oversized octopus, the engine shown is the 1965 1.5-liter engine used for Formula 1, and then shows the evolution of Honda open wheel racing, ending with the new Honda-engined McLaren F1 car. There’s a lot more, so maybe we’ll just shut up so you can watch the TV spot:

This awesome ad ran during the 1:00PM round of NFL games yesterday. The Verge estimates that a 30-second spot of advertising during NFL Sunday games to be a bit more than $300,000. So the four runnings of the ad could have set them back almost $5 million. The ad is part of long-running “Dreams” campaign. Here is an older one, which is quite awesome as well:

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