This Honda Civic Type R Coupe Concept is Crazy Sexy

Honda Civic Type R Coupe

It’s coming; the Honda Civic Type R America has been waiting for. With the reveal of the handsome new Civic concept in New York only a few weeks ago, the anticipation is already building surrounding Honda’s hotted-up Type R spec. So much so, in fact, that someone already went and mocked one up.

The concept you see here comes by way of, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Ditching the five-door layout in place of a coupe, the concept appeals even more to the American buyer with its aggressive, sleek look.

Honda Civic Type R Coupe 2

The front end is sharp as hell— the wheels too. And the lines flow perfectly from front to back, finished off with a very Honda-esque spoiler and quad exhaust tips because of course. I have one question: where do I sign up?

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