This Honda Ad Brings Together Some Of Their Bravest Designs

Is the 2016 Honda HR-V the most Honda-like Honda of all time? Honda seems to think it has a lot of Honda in it, based on their new ad.

In the 60-second spot released last week, “Great Thinking Inside,” we see a CRX being absorbed by two halves of a fourth-generation Honda Civic. Then the Civic pops into a 1992 Prelude, and this sort of Russian nesting doll syndrome takes over.

Other appearances include the Accord Wagon (Aerodeck, if you must), del Sol, S2000 and Element, until we finally get to the HR-V – and Honda implies there’s some of all of their vehicles in this Fit-based crossover that’s just gone on sale.

Some of the choices Honda makes for this ad are interesting. After all, how many people other than the fanatics remember the del Sol or Accord Wagon? But these cars were all clever designs for their times, and frankly, the HR-V is too.

After driving the HR-V a couple of months ago, some things about the way it drives reminded me of old Civics and CRXs, and it’s useful like the Element. Let’s hope the Prelude and S2000 heritage comes into play once Honda turns up the performance wick on their slow, little crossover.

For now, just enjoy the nostalgia of the ad below.

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