This 899-Mile Honda S2000 is as Close to ‘New’ as it Gets


When the heroic Honda S2000 arrived new in 1999 (for 2000), it was nothing short of sports car perfection, a true tour de force automobile. Its free revving four-cylinder engine absolutely sang, its shape captivated like few others can, and its legacy spanned a healthy 10 model years. 

Unfortunately for Honda fans, it has yet to make its proud return, with only whispers in the night pointing to a potential revival in 2018. Time will tell.

Happily however, given the fanaticism and cult appeal of this car, some owners have gone to extreme lengths to preserve theirs, such as this 2001 Honda S2000 roadster. Now at 15 years old, the lovely Honda claims just 899 miles to its name. As far as used cars go, that’s about as close to “new” as you’ll likely find. Best of all, it’s for sale.

The 899 mile Honda S2000 surfaced on Bring a Trailer, though expectedly bidding has already soared past $15,000 with over six days left on the auction.


As one might expect, the 899 mile car is said to present in near showroom condition, marred only by a slight paint chip at the right rear fender. According to the site, the roadster has enjoyed just two owners since new, the first of which bought the Honda S2000 in Burlingame, California in 2001, before moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2012. The second (and current) owner then picked up the car in 2015. Given the car’s super-low mileage, the owner is said to have picked up a later model (and higher mileage) S2000 to use as a daily driver.

We can imagine why they would; these 2.0-liter engines are about as happy as can be, dispensing a zippy 240 horsepower and revving willfully up to 9,000 rpm. That said, the number of times VTEC has fully kicked in (yo!) on this car ought to be quite few and far between.


Inside, the grey leather seats and interior trimmings look to show no signs of wear and tear, nor does the black fabric top. However, the rear plastic window is said to have a crease in it from years spent folded down. Outside, the Silverstone Metallic paint truly glimmers.

Get underneath the hood and you’ll find everything to be showroom stock, apart from two tasteful modifications—a Comptech cold air intake and exhaust system. Don’t like them? The original Honda S2000 bits come with the car as well.

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All in all, low-mileage Honda S2000 roadsters come up for sale with impressive regularity—admittedly, these were considered future classics from the day they were new—but you don’t often find them with mileage as low as this. That said, this rarified S2000 likely won’t be cheap…

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