The Tokyo Motor Show Is All About The Next Generation Motorcycle


This year’s Tokyo Motor Show seems to be all about how two wheels are better than four. As we get closer to the start of the show, more and more concepts and teasers are leaking out of motorcycle companies.

Last week, Honda unveiled its Neowing Concept. Said to be a sporty cruiser, the Neowing uses a trike layout with hybrid technology to truly take a step into the future of motorcycles. However, that isn’t the only concept Honda will debut in Tokyo. According to the company, it will also be bringing a new Super Sports Concept, something that aims to compete with the Kawasaki H2R, and a pair of Grom 50 Scrambler Concepts that we absolutely adore.


Additionally, Suzuki will be bringing its new concept to the Tokyo Motor Show. A concept that, as you can see, will inevitably be the basis for the company’s next super sport motorcycles. The next generation of these motorcycles is supposed to hit dealerships within the next year or so, and given the styling of this concept, those will likely follow the same design principles.

We also might be getting another concept that Suzuki hasn’t officially confirmed yet. In 2013, the company showed off a concept called the Recursion. It was a turbocharged motorcycle, very similar to the Kawasaki H2R with its supercharger. However, nothing ever became of it. Last month though, Suzuki filled a trademark application for the Recursion nameplate, giving some evidence of the motorcycle finally making it to production.


All things considered, it should be a red-letter year at the show for those who love all things two wheeled. The Tokyo Motor Show begins October 29th and goes until November 8th. Stay tuned for more reveals and more motorcycles.

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