The Honda Neowing Isn’t Your Average Cruiser

honda-neowing-three-wheeled-motorcycle-1 (1)

Honda motorcycles are some of the best in the business, but it appears that the company doesn’t want to rest on its laurels. That’s why its engineers have come up with the Neowing. More than just another sportbike or cruiser, the Neowing isn’t so much a motorcycle as it is a high-riding three-wheeler.

The Neowing uses a 4-cylinder boxer engine coupled to set of electric motors, to power one assumes only the rear wheel. We assume that, since from the press images above and below, we aren’t able to make out anything going to the front wheels. Although, we could be wrong. Nevertheless, being a hybrid, this means the Neowing will have torque for days, and potentially the ability to ride in full electric mode.


According to Honda, the Neowing “offers the cornering feel and sporty ride equivalent to a large-sized motorcycle, while realizing excellent stability in low-speed ranges.”

Essentially, the Neowing was designed to be more like a Honda Goldwing or any other Honda cruiser with training wheels. It’s meant more for touring rather than corner-carving meandering back roads.


The Neowing will debut at this year’s Tokyo Auto Show next month, where we hope to find out more on the new concept. Until then, lets us know what you think of the Neowing in the concept in the comments below.


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