The History Of Everything Honda In One Amazing Ad

It’s easy to forget Honda makes more than cars and bikes, but the company makes practically everything that moves. Now there’s this fantastic two-minute reminder.

Honda posted this stop-motion video Sunday, giving a timeline of the company’s history of engines, now powering motorcycles, cars, ATVs, marine equipment, F1, lawnmowers and jets – culminating in the new NSX. But the little pieces of paper with drawings being flipped and slid over and over in this video makes the whole spot that much cooler.

Only when you see all of Honda’s products lined up can you realize the breadth of their engineering expertise, despite most of us knowing them for the popular cars or motorcycle lines. I was lucky enough a couple months ago to try a Honda snowblower after trying the 2016 Accord. Trust me, they’re very different, but still related.

Take a look at the video below, even if just for the visuals.

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