Texas Woman Sues Honda And Takata Over Airbag-Related Injuries

A Texas resident has taken legal action against American Honda Motor Co. and one of its suppliers, Takata Corp, after she was injured when the airbags in her car exploded, spraying her with shrapnel.

In the lawsuit filed on Monday in Houston, the plaintiff, Serena Martinez, claims that Takata has been aware of the dangerous airbag inflators that contain ammonium nitrate for more than two decades, but continued to use them despite the risk, as Autonews writes, asking for at least $1 million in compensation.

Because of their decision to use propellant known for its dangerous properties, Takata airbags are killing and maiming drivers and passengers across the country, involved in otherwise minor and survivable accidents“, the lawsuit says.

The Japanese parts supplier has been sued over its defective airbag inflators by several parties worldwide, after been linked to at least 16 deaths – most of which in the United States, and more than 150 injuries. Moreover, cars equipped with inflators that contain ammonium nitrate and are known to explode with excessive force in the event of a crash are still being sold, despite the massive recalls that have led to the automotive industry’s largest ever safety campaign.

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