Tech-Centric Review Of New Acura ILX Doesn’t Make You Want To Buy One

The new Acura ILX doesn’t seem to be having an easy life as auto journalists keep pointing out its faults, instead of recommending you buy one.

They do all state it’s a good all-round car, and in being the smallest Acura you can buy it is an interesting buy.

According to CNET, whose review focuses on the in-car tech, it seems to be much the same story as before… The reviewer criticizes the cluttered dash with too many buttons and argues that he would need a manual to completely understand what each one does.

He also argues that the cabin is simply too noisy for the car to be considered ‘fully premium.’

However, you probably don’t buy a smaller Acura sedan looking for decadent luxury with lots of wood – you may be looking for one if you like your Honda but would like it to feel a bit more special.

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