Sure, the HondaJet is nice, but does it have VTEC?

Sure the HondaJet is nice but does it have VTEC

Maybe Fatlace makes jet-sized stickers

Honda’s cute little business jet just got FAA approval, and we’ll admit that we’re tempted by its engine-over-wing configuration — which ought to cut down on NVH and improve cabin comfort — and its entirely reasonable $4.5 million price tag.

But we’d assumed it wasn’t VTEC-equipped, which was kind of a dealbreaker.

Now, you might think that the HondaJet’s pair of GE Honda HF120 engines, being turbofans, have no need for a variable valve timing and electronic lift control system as such. And we’d have agreed with you — until the video below surfaced. Look closely, and you can see that the plane is actually rolling on stanced Enkei 92s:

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