So Much Want: 2002 Acura NSX T With Only 7.5k Miles

Japanese sports and super-cars have come and gone over the past three decades but none has managed to remain quite as popular as the Honda or Acura-branded NSX. Okay, we’ll put an asterisk on Mazda’s MX-5 series, but that’s an entry level, back-to-basics roadster.

The NSX is the epitome of what a real Japanese sports car should look, feel and be like, which explains the public’s enduring admiration for this generation even after Honda / Acura presented a replacement under the same name earlier this year.

Unfortunately for us with smaller pockets, you can also see that in the asking prices for used models – even more so, for extremely low mileage samples like this 2002 Acura NSX T that has covered a mere 7,498 miles (12,604 km) and which is listed on eBay for $94,500 (equal to €83,513 or £59,573) or “Make Offer”.

It’s the facelifted Targa top model, in which the original pop-up headlamps were replaced with fixed xenon HID headlamp units, and it pairs the high-revving Honda V6 to a 6-speed manual gearbox (there was also a 4-speed automatic with manual-type shift option).

It’s a two owner car with the seller stating that is has “never seen a drop of rain, always garaged and covered, with records” and even has “delivery plastic” still in place in some areas of the interior.

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