Sh*t Honda Civic Owners Say Is The Funniest Video You’ll See This Week

Making fun out of our friends’ rides is the glue that holds the petrolhead community together.

The Muscle vs Tuner YouTube channel knows this very well and they produced a series of videos making fun of all the types of petrolheads, using the most hilarious stereotypes and a lot of unicorn dust.

The video features a hoodless, lowered 1992 Honda Civic that’s been living the low life a bit too hard and its proud “owner” that takes us for a tour around his pride and joy.

Everything on it has a purpose, from the custom lug nuts, to the rusted wing and from the stickers on the back window that give you 5hp extra each to the wooden steering wheel.

The main goal of course is to hunt down Mustangs and pass them while doing 165mph. Prepare for some NFSW language and a lot of laughs on the video linked below.


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