Scooter-Riding Adventurer Living His Dream On The Road

Mike Saunders is not your typical road trip adventurer – if there is such a thing.

Instead of choosing a big motorcycle or a spacious car to start exploring the roads, Mike went for a 49cc Honda Ruckus for its easy repairability, cheap parts and the 100mpg fuel economy.

But the most important reason for Mike to choose this tiny bike for his big adventure is the freedom and fun he has riding on it, knowing that if anything breaks down, he can fix it on the side of the road.

Mike chose to live his dream now instead of postponing it for later, and you can witness the satisfaction on his face about his decision. The scooter-riding adventurer continues to travel to this day and you can learn about his whereabouts on his personal blog.

Head to the video after the jump to feel inspired.


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