Roundup: All the Pranks Automakers Tried to Pull This April Fool’s Day

Automakers love getting in on the April Fools’ Day fun. has rounded up some of the best April Fools’ Day jokes from automakers around the world. For starters, Porsche has announced its new fragrance Eau d’Essence, which embodies the motorsport spirit with essences of motor oil and tire rubber. Limited to just 919 units, the bottle is a stylish spark plug and we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to wear this out on a date.

MINI Hipster Hatch


MINI showed off its latest creation, the MINI Hipster hatch. As the newest model from Hoxton, London, it features Instagram-filtered windows (we love this!) and also boasts a twin-deck cassette player along with a fixed-gear drivetrain. Occupants can choose from 12 pre-loaded Instagram window filters while riding in style to a maximum speed of 25 mph. Inside, there’s stonewash denim upholstery, making the MINI Hipster a match for even the tightest pair of jeans.

“The MINI Hipster Hatch is like no other we’ve built before” said Ivana Newcarr, senior external product launch experience curator at MINI UK. “Inspired by the kind of innovative thinking only found when you ignore the script and ask what those who refuse to be categorized want from a car – features like fixed gear drive, twin-deck cassette player, upcycled details and Instagram filtered windows to name but a few.”

MG’s Latest Concept Car


MG’s latest concept car highlights the innovation and technological excellence the automaker is famous for. Just how innovative is this? Well, it’s the world’s first invisible car! MG has brought in renowned experts in this field to assist with producing such an advanced model. Best of all, it makes parking anywhere in busy cities quite easy, since no one can even put a parking ticket on your windshield.

“We were really honoured to have Professor C.Thrue and Chief Designer Avril F’ouil working with us on this new project,” said Matthew Cheyne, head of sales and marketing for MG. “The site at Longbridge has been buzzing with excitement and people are really enthusiastic about working on something so advanced.”

At first, the automaker had issues finding the car and people kept walking into it, so it placed an MG badge on the front so people could find it more easily.

Honda Emoji License Plates


Honda in the U.K. is embracing social media by launching emoji registration plates for shoppers in the country. And this here is the world’s first official emoji number plate on the Honda Civic Type R, the Japanese automaker’s race car for the road. According to Honda, it conducted research with U.K. consumers earlier this year, with 96 percent of respondents under the age of 30 indicating a preference for emoji plates over the traditional license plate. In fact, 97 percent of those surveyed admit they now use emoji faces as their main method of expressing an emotion or idea in texts and instant messages.

Now where’s the poop emoji?



Nissan Micra Warrior Trophy


Fellow AutoGuider Mike Schlee might think he’s the coolest person in the office having driven the Nissan Rogue Warrior, but now we know he’s just second class. That’s because the Japanese automaker has debuted the Nissan Micra Warrior Trophy, that is even more badass than the Nissan Rogue. The Micra Warrior Trophy will be held over one weekend from December 30 to January 1 and features compact Micras outfitted with a heavy-duty track system just like what was used on the Rogue Warrior. A maximum of 30 Micra Warrior vehicles will be allowed to participate and the first 10 spots are open to current Micra Cup drivers, who will be selected by lottery. Sorry Schlee, go hang out with the Rogue Warrior kids, we’re going Micra’ing.

Audi Matrix Text Face LED Headlights


Audi has always been on the forefront of LED headlight and tail light technology and this year, the German automaker isn’t skipping a beat. The company has unveiled its Matrix Text Face LED headlights on the new Audi A4, which automatically adjusts light distribution to suit every situation. The headlights can display two different text faces: If the driver’s condition is normal, a (^o^)/ is displayed. But if any anomalies are detected in the driver’s physical condition, then the display goes into dull mode and a (; ´ Д `) is shown on the headlights.

There’s also a fancy option for active gratitude assist rear so in thanks mode, the driver can display a (人´ ∀ `) on the tail lights.

What do we have to say about these headlights and tail lights? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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