Ronda Rousey Hopes the New Owner of Her Honda Isn’t a Pervert


Ronda Rousey might be lightning quick to get opponents to tap out in the ring, but when it came to her 2005 Honda Accord LX, she was all about longevity. Rousey just sold the car, nicknamed The Fonda, with 156,098 miles on eBay for $21,000. She had some interesting things to say about the person who purchased it.

“The Fonda will always have a special place in my heart,” Rousey told TMZ. “I love it very much and hope that the next owner will be someone who will love and respect it. And not some crazy super fan who jerks off to it every day.”


Yeah, that’d probably be a little weird, though it’s the Internet and obviously a serious fan, so you never know…

So what did this person get with an amount of money he could have used to purchased a brand new Honda HR-V? Aside from a messed up transmission, a whole lot of sentiment, and some Rowdy Rousey trinkets, there is a hand-written message on the dash that reads:

“You were the best noble steed I could ask for. You never broke down, you hung in there when I couldn’t afford to change your oil. I could always depend on you. I love you, enjoy retirement.”


The coolest part of the package might be the fact that this is the car that Rousey lived in before she started snapping arms and blowing up into a global UFC and entertainment sensation.

As for the trinkets, you’ll find “medals, UFC programs from past events, patches, hats, and all kinds of random Ronda items.”

Check out the full listing here.

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