Rezvani teases Beast Alpha with ‘sidewinder’ doors

Rezvani teases Beast Alpha with ‘sidewinder’ doors

Rezvani has released several teasers for its upcoming Beast Alpha, due to make its formal debut next week.

Like the California-based company’s other coachbuilt Beasts, the Alpha likely starts as an Ariel Atom shrouded in a custom carbon-fiber body. Buyers should expect a more comfortable interior than that of the stripped-down Atom.

The latest model boasts a few extra amenities beyond Rezvani’s current lineup including forward-sliding ‘sidewinder’ doors, a removable hardtop and air conditioning. The extra gear raises the Alpha’s curb weight by a few hundred pounds compared to the other Beast variants, but still stays 50 pounds below a ton.

A mid-mounted 2.4-liter supercharged Honda engine promises to deliver 500 horsepower, landing directly between the basic 300-horse Beast Speedster and the 700-pony Beast X. Despite the extra weight, the hardtop Alpha is said to be capable of lunging to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds.

Full details will be revealed on November 16. Pricing will presumably fall in the low six-figures.

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