Rezvani Beast X gets 700 horsepower

Rezvani Beast X gets 700 horsepower

Rezvani has introduced yet another variant of its Ariel Atom-based Beast roadster, outfitting the ‘X’ package with a 700-horsepower engine tune.

The new flagship edition starts with the same Honda-sourced 2.4-liter engine as the Atom 3, where it delivers 230 horsepower in naturally-aspirated form. Adding dual Borg Warner turbos, forged pistons and valves, and strengthened engine internals effectively triples output.

The Atom 3 starts at a featherweight 1,350 pounds. The basic Beast’s carbon-fiber bodywork adds a few hundred more, while the X engine upgrades bring the final curb weight up to just 1,850 pounds. The ultimate Beast also brings a few aerodynamic tweaks and a split rear wing to help improve downforce.

Rezvani claims the Beast X can launch to 60 mph from a standstill in just 2.5 seconds — a full second quicker than the entry-level Beast Speedster, and 0.2 seconds under the 500-pony Beast.

The company only plans to build five examples of the Beast X, each carrying a $325,000 price tag. Prospective buyers could purchase five Atom 3’s for the same price, or a single 730-horsepower Ferrari F12berlinetta.

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