Review Finds 2016 Honda Pilot Drives Better Than It Looks

Angry, bottom-feeding fish seem to be a prolific styling motif in the industry, and the latest vehicle to feature it is the 2016 Honda Pilot three-row crossover.

However, according to reviews, including our own, what it can do and how it does it outweighs the slightly awkward look.

Special attention goes to the brilliant second row seat retracting mechanism: at the push of a button, and with no physical effort, the seat slides forward and tilts its backrest to allow for maximum third row access.

It also looks very modern and stylish inside, although according to this review by AutoGuide, its infotainment is still a bit laggy – the volume controls do look quite tricky to use, as well, especially oh the move; volume setting needs to be a physical rotary knob located within easy reach.

Efficiency is also a strong point with the 2016 Pilot, a quality the series has always been known for. As for the drive, well, it’s reportedly improved too, although you shouldn’t expect any kind of thrills from behind the wheel.

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