Report: Honda Civic Type R Might Spawn Hotter Variant

Honda Civic Type R Front Three Quarter

Honda fans have be abuzz following the recent news the new Honda Civic Type R will finally make its way stateside, and its not hard to see why the potent hatch is capturing people’s attention. With 306 hp and 295 lb-ft, the Type R will be the most powerful front-wheel drive hot hatch on our shores. Now, our colleagues at Motor Trend spoke to the project leader Hisayuki Yagi about the future of the Type R, and he hinted at the possibility of creating a faster and more hardcore variant of the muscle-bound Civic in the future. Yagi-san cites the ambition to remain the fastest front-wheel drive hatch on the Nurbugring as the primary source for the continued development for the Type R. “At the start of development we set the target to be the fastest front-drive hatchback around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. And we are,” Yagi-san told Motor Trend. “If someone takes our record, we will take it back.”

Honda Civic Type R Rear Three Quarter

According to Yagi-san, he feels as though there is more room for the Civic Type R to gain power, and additional areas where precious pounds could be shaved. “You can feel there is headroom for more power from the engine. It’s all about power to weight ratio,” Yagi-san told Motor Trend. As it sits, the Honda Civic Type R spits out 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, with the copious power routed through the front wheels through a special differential that Honda claims reduces torque-steer by an impressive 50 percent. This power was enough to shuttle the Type R around the vaunted ‘Ring in a record-setting 7 minutes, 50.63 seconds. The car that made that blitz was a prototype, but according to Honda, the powertrain is exactly the same as in the production model. While there is no official confirmation of a hotter Type R, stay tuned for more details as the Type R hits dealership floors in the near future.

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