Recalls: Honda CR-V, Honda Accord, Volkswagen Amarok

Honda has issued a recall this week for various Accord and CR-V models in Australia, due to a potential problem with the Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS).

The Japanese carmaker says the CMBS may unexpectedly activate while the vehicle is underway, despite there being no risk of a collision.

CMBS causes the vehicle to apply its own brakes with force in an attempt to avoid a collision, which could pose a safety risk if activated unnecessarily during normal driving.

Affected vehicles include the 2013-2015 Accord and 2014-2015 CR-V SUVs.

This recall is not related to the recent spate of Takata airbag recalls, which forced Honda to recall another 130,000 cars in Australia last month.

Other Japanese carmakers have also been affected by the Takata airbag recall, including Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Subaru, with the recall now deemed the biggest in history.

Volkswagen is recalling 1611 examples of its Amarok pickup from the 2015 model year.

A problem has been identified with the Amarok’s front brake calliper bolts, which may not have been tightened to specification.

A failed calliper bolt could result in noises or damage to a wheel, and in unfavourable cases the vehicle’s brakes may lock, causing the driver to lose control.

Honda and Volkswagen will attempt to contact affected owners shortly, but any owner wishing to learn more about the latest round of recalls should contact their local dealer.

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