Pissed Off Grandma Smashing A Windshield Over Parking Spat: We Call Fake, Do You?

So, there’s a video on YouTube, supposedly from a security camera, showing a grandma jumping out of her Toyota Prius and smashing a youngster’s windshield with a baseball bat after he stole her parking space.

I will side with one of the commentators on YouTube named Justin Dawson who called it viral BS. Here’s why he believes it was staged:

“She has obvious parking on her right, no need to wait! Old ladies, don’t walk like that, but has strength to smash window!!? Security camera is positioned for maximum shot in one area, also viral is mostly done in Black and white (hides a lot ) and camera clear but not color ,hi tec but not hi tec ? Last one! Again supposed to be a security camera, no color but records sound !!!? Yep I call bs !

What do you think?

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