Patent filling leaks sketches of upcoming Honda Civic Sedan and Coupe

Patent filling leaks sketches of upcoming Honda Civic Sedan and Coupe image

The next generation of the well-known compact car has been revealed in its production form through a series of patent design sketches, with the Honda Civic Sedan and Coupe seen in their full glory.

The latest edition of the New York Auto Show, recently concluded, brought us a major surprise – the third largest Japanese automaker decided to bring the unexpected and great looking Civic Coupe concept to raise awareness about the upcoming tenth generation of the Civic – scheduled to reach US dealerships sometimes this fall. We can see both the patent sketches of the production-ready coupe variant and the sedan model – the US range will also have hatchback, Si and Type R versions. Naturally, the production models will shed most of the New York’s concept aggressiveness – though the design similarities are still clear. Of course, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the upcoming Type R version will indeed look very close to the stunning concept. They did retain for the coupe the interconnected lights, with the potential of looking great in metal (they do on the Dodge models).

Additional details and specifications, as well as technical features are expected to be released by Honda as we approach the point of release, but we already know the model will come with a longer wheelbase, shorter overhangs – while the design will be more appealing because the new generation will be wider and lower than the current one. A new, four-cylinder, 1.5-liter direct-injection turbo engine mated either to a short-shifting six-speed manual or a more comfortable CVT transmission.


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