NHTSA begins new investigation into 2008 Accord airbags

newly designed ‘Accord‘ is seen at it’s official launch at the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka on December 4, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan

First it was exploding airbags, now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investing Honda airbags that may fail to deploy all together during crashes. According to the Agency, the defect has been found in the air bag control computer in approximately 384,000 2008 year model Accords, which causes the status indicator lamp to illuminate, thus disabling the bags until they are repaired.

To date the NHTSA says it has received 19 complaints, including one in which a driver was injured in Bellview, Florida, when the airbag failed to open after his car struck a concrete wall at 50 mph. Another driver in Long Beach, California also reported that they had purchased the car new and had never been involved in an accident when the air bag indicator light suddenly went on after 4 years of ownership. While no recall has been issued as yet, several other car owners have complained that they had to shell out $500 to have their computers replaced to fix the problem. For more information consumers who own 2008 Accords should either call their dealers or contact the NHTSA

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