Next-Generation Honda Civic Coupe Caught Testing: Spy Shots

next-generation honda civic coupe caught testing spy shots – DOC626486

When Honda unveiled the 2016 Civic Type R at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, U.S. enthusiasts got to see yet another hot-hatch they won’t be able to drive in North America. That’s on top on having to settle for only the sedan version of the current Civic. But that will change soon enough, as Honda launched the Civic Coupe Concept at the 2015 New York Auto Show, signaling the hatch is on its way back to the United States. The big news was confirmed by Jon Mendel, the executive vice president of Honda’s North American operations, and, more recently, by a prototype the folks over at the CivicX forums spotted testing in the Mojave desert.

Naturally, the hatchback is wrapped in black-and-while camouflage front to rear. However, some of the details are visible and provide us with our best look yet at the production car that’s set to arrive for the 2015 model year. The prototype comes to confirm the production version will borrow heavily from the concept car, following Honda’s already familiar convention of using near production-ready concepts for its new products.

Keep reading for more details and have a look at the spy shots here.

Production Details Revealed

As expected, the production 2016 Civic is a slightly toned-down version of the concept car. Although the front fascia is fully camouflaged, the proportions are there, with minor modifications in the main lower grille. The headlamps seem more production-friendly on the prototype, but the overall shape and the LED accents are identical to the concepts.

Around back, the angular taillights will wrap across the decklid, but there are at least two major modifications from the concept. First, the wing is gone, replaced by a smaller, yet still sporty trunklid spoiler, while the fancy diffuser with its wide, trapezoidal exhaust has been replaced by more conventional layout.

The profile of the prototype seems mostly unchanged except for the larger mirrors and the higher ground clearance. The camouflage wheels are different from the concept’s as well, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the rollers seen on Honda’s green study will be offered as an option.

Why It Matters

If you were still skeptical about Honda’s intentions to relaunch the Civic hatch in the U.S. after a 12-year hiatus, than this is the confirmation you’ve been waiting for.

Honda Civic Coupe Concept

Honda Civic Concept

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