Next generation Aura NSX to begin production in Ohio

Acura NSX seen at 2015 Detroit Auto Show.

Honda has announced that it will begin production of its next generation Acura NSX at its [plant in Marysville, Ohio the end of next month. This is the first time the model will be made outside of Japan in its 27-year history.

While only 800 units (at the rate of 8 cars per day) are expected to be produced, each will carry a base price of $156,000.

According to a report in Forbes, there is no assembly line at the factory, and workers actually push the chassies on a wheeled cart from station to station, where parts are hand assembled. In fact, a master craftsman is said to work an average of 6-hours just building the twin turbocharged V-6 engine, at a separate facility nearby, “hand-starting 547 bolts and manually tightening each one to precise torque tolerances. When done, each engine is tested and broken-in to the equivalent of 150 miles, before being transferred to the main plant, where the lightweight aluminum chassis is mounted on a “rotisserie” fixture so that robots can reach 860 weld points, etc.

According to engineering project leader, Clement D’Souza, the company decided to assemble its top specialty car in the US is a “conscious decision” to tap the market here and “distinguish the brand from other luxury competitors such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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